Duct Profiles


The duct has a circular cross-section. This profile is best suited to open environments due to its height. Available with track and cable suspension.


The duct has a semi-circular cross section, making it more suited to areas of reduced ceiling space. Available with track, cable and profile suspension.


The duct has a quarter circular cross section and is suspended in the top corners of rooms. This profile is suited to offices and situations with limited roof space. Can only be used with PVC Profile Suspension.

Suspension Systems


The duct is hung from a single cable or pair of steel cables. This system is only for round ducts. Stainless steel is available for critical environments.


The duct is hung using an aluminium track. Can be used on round and half-round ducts.


The duct is hung using thick cords that are attached to it on PVC profiles. Ideally suited to half-round and quarter-round ducts

Distribution Methods


The air in the duct simply permeates through the material resulting in no perceptible air flow. Suitable for cooling systems only.


Air flows through laser cut orifices along the length of the duct.


These provide jet-like airflow for the longest throws. Can be either fixed or adjustable.


Internal Framework

Skelecore by DuctSox is an internal framework system for fabric ducting that keeps the ducts inflated with no air flow.

Technical Information

Suspended Ceiling

D-Fuser by DuctSox is a ducting fabric system suited to critical environments. Click here for more information.