Fabric ducting has a number benefits over traditional metal ductwork.

  • Installation times are much lower for fabric over similar systems in metal. Special training isn’t even needed. What we say is, if you can put up a shower curtain, you can install fabric ducting.
  • The air distribution is far superior to metal ducting. This is because grills aren’t used, which would only release air at certain points, and the air can be released along the entire length of the duct.
  • The materials used come in wide variety of colours with branding also being an option. This makes fabric ideal for open ceiling architecture.
  • Due to the superior air distribution, ducting layouts are much simpler than those of metal.
  • Maintenance is very straight forward. For cleaning, the ducts need only be unclipped and washed in a regular washing machine.
Metal Layout
A typical metal ductwork layout with diffusers.
Fabric Layout
The same space treated with Fabric Ducting reduces the total ducts with superior air distribution.